ESF PRO Survival Kits

ESF PRO SERE Kit development and manufacturing started from the Special Forces needs to get small and lightweight survival kits. Something that hasn’t been in markets.

Content of the packages has been selected after years of experience and testing. The original ESF 001 kit allows you to survive a 72h in an emergency situation if you have to travel or escape a longer distance in challenging weather or terrain conditions. Even far behind enemy lines. Package is developed to be as light as possible and adaptable according to situation and threat level. Original SF kit contains 32 different products. Selection criteria for each product have been quality, functionality, weight and size. Many products are multipurpose in addition to their main purpose.

With the kit you know and you can trust that you can for example make fire, purify and carry drinking water and give signals. All the basic needs for survival. 

All kits are packed to the fabric pouches, easy to carry all the time in your pocket.

We have developed several civil versions from the original SF kit. These are designed for outdoor survival situations like: trekking-, ski touring, etc. trips. Those can be purchased from these web pages.
For the government customers we can also develop and make special packages based on the task and need.

Training brings operational security for real survival situations. Act rationally and make it home alive.

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